Sunday, December 30, 2012

Unity Vibrations Raspberry Kombucha Beer

This was my first and only purchase from Sicilianos during my first time checking them out. Tasted Sunday morning while drinking tea and brewing my own batch of kombucha.
Snifter Served
8% ABV

Appearance: Upon pour, the beer takes on almost a fluorescent, radioactive pink/red appearance. In the glass, the beer is partially cloudy with very little carbonation (even the crack of the bottle cap let out only the slightest hiss). No head stands atop the liquid.
Aroma: Fruity, funky and choked full of raspberry aromatics. Some of the esters perfuming from the glass give a faint rubbing alcohol/cleaner scent.
Taste: My first impression was that this tasted extremely similar of mead with a strong phenolic backbone and estery spice beginning in the mid taste an growing thereafter. However, the proceeding samples gradually came off more and more medicinal, especially with the compliment of the raspberries. As it warms, more of the familiar vinegar/acetic flavor emerges.
Mouthfeel: There is still some residual sugar left over from the bottle conditioning and perhaps pre-mature crashing. This helps add a bit of body to the otherwise strongly acidic and light textured mouthfeel. No carbonated feel.
Overall Impression: Certainly an interesting beverage. Something I would buy a pint of again if I saw it at a bar? Sure, to support the brewery, but to buy in the bottle again for $3.59 again? not a chance. Not especially drinkable given the strong phenolic and sugary flavors. With that 8% ABV, I think a second addition of sugar was too much. And the raspberries further added to the medicinal flavor.

Check them out: Unity Vibration Kombucha

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