Saturday, January 5, 2013

Unity Vibrations Ginger Kombucha

Tasted at the plant with Jeff Dyke on Saturday afternoon as I was homebrewing a Nugget IPA. I purchased this beer from Kings Cove in Holland. Thanks to Dennis Kotecki for bringing Unity Vibrations out here!

Appearance: A pale straw color and a lot more clear then I was expecting. Still some haze is present. At first there looks to be very little carbonation, but as it sits, quite a few bubbles begin to grow along the sides.
Aroma: Initially I get a note of somewhat of a solvent/artificial scent in conjunction with an orange/lemon juice concentrate characteristic. Strong perfume.
Taste: Similar to the aroma, I get a boastful note of orange and lemon in the foretaste. To follow is a rich sweetness that gives depth and quaffability to the beers flavor. Ultimately the reidual sweetness balances the otherwise dominant emon, solvent, ginger and orange flavors that would otherwise overpower. The aftertaste is reminiscent of cider.
Mouthfeel: Thicker than many kombuchas I've had. Carbonation is minimal, but enough to add a nice texture, though it may over enhance the solventy orange flavor. Finish is semi-dry, with a cloy at the roof of the mouth.
Overall Impression: This kombucha has more of a residual sweetness than many I've had. In fact, it's the sweetest, thickest one yet. I don't know if a lot of that sugar was intentionally left unfermented. However, the spices are a unique far between twist on this crafted beverage. For my own learning, I may try to up the ginger on my next batch at New Holland.

Check them out, Michigan's Kombucha Brewery: Unity Vibration

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