Friday, October 25, 2013

Unity Vibration Blackberry/Grape Kombucha

Eamon had just picked me up from the Airport from my trip to (Savor). We stopped at a loal beer and Liquor store so he could get his dad some beer for fathers day. I found this, as well as several of Unity Vibrations Kombucha Beers. I was able to taste this Monday morning while Eamon was running to get his car from the Founder's parking lot.

Appearance: Opaque pink in color with no apparent accumulation of foam on the surface. Some bubbles cling to the side of the glass within, but very little carbonation is visible, except for the occasional eruption of a bubble from the base of the glass.
Aroma: A faint acetic funk followed by some elements of an outdoorsy must. The typical kombucha scent. I don't really get the flavor of blackberries, however.
Taste: What starts with a faint acidic fizz, slowly grows into a mellowed sweetness to finish, only to bite back again to dry out the palate in a refreshing quench. I do get a nice complexity of berry fruit, specifically blackberry here, alongside some notes of apple, grape and even a touch of banana in the very end. The aftertaste is satisfyingly fruity without being overbearing.
Mouthfeel: Like I said earlier, there is a soft fizz present, that lasts the majority of the time the liquid is on the palate. It both creates a fuller mouthfeel, and a refreshing bite as it travels down the throat. I find there to be a cloying element at the back of the throat that seems to also fuel an aftertaste.
Overall Impression: This is the most balance kombucha I've had to-date. It's simple by nature, but exhibits the characteristics expected in a natural, not-overwhelming way. The acetic acid is kept minimal while displaying the fruity potential of kombucha. Grape and blackberry are the most dominant flavors.

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