Monday, August 23, 2010


Hey Folks,
This is my introduction to what I hope will encourage others to be more conscious of the beer they buy and open to the variety of beer available to try!
Recently, (Actually last week) I was house sitting for my sister in Chicago, all the while taking care of her grand piano (You know, walking, feeding, and reading to it). Last Sunday, Jen and I walked around Chicago, and we came upon Rock Bottom Brewery. Fantastic, I found a brewery I had no idea was there (my usual luck). Anyway, I went back Tuesday on my own and met the Brewing assistant, Jim. We talked a little and he gave me a mug club card and paid for my drinks. I was told to come back Thursday from 6-7 for their tapping of their Summer Saison. I did. Bringing along my beer log book, we sat at the bar and immediately ordered a flight and the Saison, (3rd of the week).This is where we met Jim and his wife. He encouraged me to continue with my interest, and perhaps begin a blog to keep a better record of what I'm doing, and perhaps reveal to a greater populace what I'm doing. All in all we spent close to 5 hours talking to them, listening to music and drinking great beer!
   I spent the rest of the weekend pondering the way of going about this, and here it is.

Let's start tasting!

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