Friday, August 27, 2010

Hofbrau Bock

Don't really remember when I tried this, but I did get it when I was home for the Chicago Beer Week, and brought it back to Rock Island.

Appearance: Pint glass pour. Very light and watery. Thin frothed head, but also highly carbonated with visual bubbles. Bright clear gold.
Aroma: Sweet and yeasty with hints of lime and citrus, followed by maybe some funk.
Taste: Very alcoholic both initially and to finish, and perhaps the dominating characteristic of this beer. Following that there is a pungent bitterness of a pilsner. As the beer develops it's complexity, the lagered bitterness and appeal begins to mellow and become more appetizing. The strange bitterness still proceeds, but diminishes the further one gets into the glass. Overall I do find somewhat of a buttery taste that I haven't experienced before in a beer
Mouthfeel: Very smooth and refreshingly crisp. The liquidity and smoothness of the beer really helps it go down. Especially after a run it's hard not to just chug it! Finishes in frothy excellence.
Overall Impression: Very drinkable. I did re-rate this to better, but I'll post my original impression. the alcohol is a dominating factor, but one can easily get over it.

Note: Pairs great with dark chocolate and cran-raisins!


finally 81/100 after 6 12 Oz. beers

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