Thursday, August 26, 2010

K-9 Cruiser Winter Ale

A little out of season, but I'm in my winter ale craving phase at the moment. So I'll drink what I want!

Bought as a single from Binny's in Plainfield. Enjoyed after practice following a 10 miler. Poured in a Pilsner glass for shits and giggles.

Appearance: Strong frothy head that remained quite sustainable throughout the tasting. Deep mahogany glowing amber that reflects light gold but shows a rich flavor. By the end I realize the head retention is stellar. it is maintained the entire tasting and the lacing is amazingly uniformed with a level every 2 mm.
Aroma: Strong and potent like a barley wine, yet fruity at its nose. I take in the aroma of boiled raisins in particular that nevertheless complements its overwhelming (a good thing) caramel hotness. .
Taste: I find myself experiencing peach as well followed by some extremely unique barrel aged woodiness or nut flavoring. Initially raisins come through at the foretaste, which may perhaps be confused with dates/figs. Following up, there are wood-like/bourbon notes which then transition into a highly emphasized "hotness." There are subtle hints of sweet caramely fruitiness alongside an equally paralleled malted biscuitiness (A word? I think so!).
Mouthfeel: Slightly tacky, but who cares! Smooth and nutty that has big body and an equal texture.
Overall Impression: This is a finely made beer even to be enjoyed in the dead of summer (as long as there is air-conditioning)

Note: Interestingly the website says that this beer is 7.4% ABV, yet my label is 6.4%... must be a time difference...


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