Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout

My First order at the Coalfire Pizza place on Damen Ave. with Jen while meeting Aubrey and Monte for some of the best pizza I've had since Australia. Tasted a Delicious blonde along side

Appearance: Bottle to pint glass. Deep charcoal black in color with a strong sustained head throughout the drink of which was rich tan/brown. Uniformed lacing on the sides. 
Aroma: Fulfills a complementary licorice smell that is reinforced by its taste. Strong caramel and perhaps chicory/woodiness notes to it as well. This beer has burnt toast aroma to it followed up by a bittered cocoa.
Taste: There is a back-of-the-throat bitterness that is upheld by the "hotness" of the alcohol. Both licorice and tobacco sweetness are emphasized. By the end I found there to be a sweetly sustained chocolate flavor complemented by the apparent toasted biscuity overtones. Black patent malt and caramel 120-L for sure!
Mouthfeel: Silk-like and milky. This beer is definitely a mouthfull. There was a balance to the minimal carbonation that helped both taste and feel of this beer. Extremely smooth and creamy
Overall Impression: There was nothing really "off" about this beer but to me, I thought the alcohol was a little overwhelming. Definitely a session or a prolonged enjoyment beer. Yet I still couldn't get over the barrel/woody hotness at the end. I still need to learn to respect the aged...


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  1. Hah! It probably isn't the best to have along with pizza. I think it is probably more of a late night porch drink.