Friday, September 10, 2010

5 Day IPA

Went to Old Chicago to purchase our tickets for Davenport's annual Brew-Haha and to try a few beers on a Monday night. T2: Thanks to Vlad for bringing this IPA by as a part of an assorted six pack from the rock Island Hy-vee. Enjoyed in a pint glass with the cat on my lap.

Appearance: Hazy orange with minimal head (though taking on a soapy/frosted texture) poured into an elongated pint glass. Large accumulation of bubbles on the side of the glass.
Aroma: Smells sweet and flowery with an underlying scent of malted grains. Slight notes of raisins and other dark kilned fruits.
Taste: Taste is quite floral and sweet with still the dark raisin sweetness at the back of the tongue. This is accompanied with a roasted biscuit maltiness and a subtle grapefruit bitterness that coats and finishes the beer off. The aftertaste remains grassy and has a pine-like bitterness that stays unchanged throughout the tasting. Extremely refreshing and delectably sweet.
Mouthfeel: Mouthfeel is thick, but not tacky. Minimal carbonation that perfectly compliments and helps bring out the flavors.
Overall Impression: This is a basic IPA with a ordinary character. Though laking in citrus and tropical sensations, it still maintains an appealing dark fruit flavor with a woodsy backdrop. Larger malt bill and a grassy, though sweet finish.

9/10/10 T1: 88/100
1/17/11 T2: 82/100

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