Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lager Beer

Before my stats class I came back to my house, whipped up some lunch and cracked open this beer. Mmm!

Appearance: Light yellow straw color with a strong bubbly white head. Carbonation accumulates on the glass. Slight haze but otherwise clear.
Aroma: Has a pungent grassy smell to it with a bit of yeast notes and alcohol.
Taste: Crispy and quite saturated with a strong carbonated fizz throughout the palate. Goes down foamy but hits the tongue, cold and refreshing. Definitely a distinct pils malt flavor. A clean but complex taste that remains constant on the palate. Perhaps some cane sugar was used in this beer. There is still a low malt sweetness profile but nothing that resembling wateriness. There are low notes of corn-like dimethylsufide to this beer resembling a pilsner, yet more to it adds to its complexity.
Mouthfeel: Light body, high carbonation, and a bitter aftertaste.
Overall Impression: Well balanced, extremely refreshing, and drinkable; the only problem may arise from aggressive carbonation or potent bitter aftertaste.


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