Sunday, September 19, 2010


Another tasting from Brew Ha Ha.  Tasted again almost a year later. Not much has changed except for the early decision that this is thus far my favorite Octoberfest of the season...though it is still young. Thanks to Joshua Schipp for donating this to the blog

Appearance: Strong bronzed amber hue with a cream foam head ring. Some carbonation visible. Clarity is maximal. It glows upon it's background.
Aroma: Potent lager aroma.The beer exhibits a strong caramel/toasted malt smell. Under this initial layer, one may also discover some biscuit aroma as well as rich toasted barley. A little bit grainy, but masked by bready undertones. A unique octoberfest-only spicing rounds out the beer at the very end of the nose.
Taste: A smooth, refreshing ale that packs in a tasty punch. Fruitiness mid tongue reminiscent of apricots, but I'm discovering some malt character combined with some squash/pumpkins as well. There is some yeasty/sour taste that finished this one off. No bitterness whatsoever, or so as one can perceive. Finishes clean but not crisp, more of a delicate, phased out aftertaste. As the beer warms, more emphasis is placed on the toasted malt and the complex sugars derived from the Munich malts. Hop presence is melded with a cinnamon and spicing finish, though not necessarily drying.
Mouthfeel: Heavier body than most lagers, carbonation is nice as it enters the palate, but no sooner does it then spike the tongue in an almost aggressive manner. Smooth upon the finish after the spike, however
Overall Impression: Goes down pretty easily, a very drinkable beer for the season. Crisp and clean. One of my first Sam Adams. Sorry for the shorter post. The beers I rate at beer fests are difficult to get much detail.

T1 (9/19/10): 84/100
T2 (9/5/11): 85/100 (following a tasting the Bell's Octoberfest)

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