Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Physics

Tried on a Wednesday night, 9/29/2010 with Jen after homework.

Appearance:  A solid amber color with no clarity, no head but still a coppered glow.  Snifter poured.
Aroma:  Smells slightly boozy with notes of honey and grass.
Taste:  Tastes hot at the finish with a subtle caramel fruit-sweetness to start.  Tastes ripen as the beer is drunk.  A bitter aftertaste in the back of the throat but the hefty notes of dark fruit and nuts are most substantial contributers to the sweetness.
Mouthfeel:  Mouthfeel is smooth and delectably textured.
Overall Impression:  Drinkability is on the low end... more of an enjoyment beer.  I find it interesting how such a low alcohol beer has such a hot aftertaste.  I think it is the bittering hops speaking.


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