Friday, October 22, 2010


This beer was recommended to me by Mr. Nathan McDowell (See: Southern Tier IPA). Jen picked it up from Hy-vee while she was doing her marketing study with customers. Tasted the night before and during lunch time on Thursday before class. Pint poured.                                                                                                                    
Appearance: A hazy amber straw color with a fingers worth of white soapy foam. Turbidity is low so there is still some transparency to the beer. Carbonation bubbles are visible as well.
Aroma: Extremely floral with touches of grass and pine. There is a complementary sweet biscuit smell that finishes with a splash of citrus at the nose. 
Taste: Rich and resinous upon first taste. This IPA reveals a true grapefruit zest like qualities that few beer attain. I think it falls as a delicious complement to the overall profile of this beer. The overwhelming bitterness leaves the mouth dry and thirsty. Hop character is very complex with a complementary caramel/biscuit sweetness. The balance between sweetness and bitter is pulled to one end leaving little to the sweetness end. I find that a beer like this on occasion is a great vacation from the sweet IPA’s that tend to incorporate the sweet malt flavors but at the sacrifice of the body, making it thick and tacky. Semi-tartness by way of the alpha acids giving the impression of citrus fruit. Leaves a residual aftertaste of pine and caramel sweetness.
Mouthfeel: Like I said above, this beer keeps the sugar down so the body and mouthfeel are light. Finishes dry and crisp, not necessarily making it a thirst quencher, but drives the mouth to crave more. Ridiculously drinkable and worth savoring. Carbonation is light and gives the beer a delicate texture.
Overall Impression: Light and drinkable, this is definitely something new and far out. Distinguished from most IPAs in taste and texture, this beer is totally worth trying, but be warned, the IBU’s are through the roof! Pricey, but just think...6 glasses at $2 each isn't bad at all if you're used to buying $4-5 at local breweries!


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