Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bell's Pale Ale

Tasted this while relaxing to some Aboriginal music after stirring up 6 loaves of bread. Two "attempts" at Mad Farmer's ancient bread. One Sweet potato spelt, two Sweet potato spelt and millet, and one with flax and oats. Thanks again to Thomas Christian for bringing this one over while helping.

Appearance: Golden straw color, with complete transparency. Head retention is moderately consistent with a white soapy foam.
Aroma: Smell is semi-lagered and yeasty, with touches of alpha acid resins and grain tannins. relatively simple.
Taste: Quite a spicy, grassy finish. There is subtle pale malt sweetness, but mostly non-descript. This beer has a bit of a breadiness with it, but also as if that bread was mixed with grass clippings. The aftertaste has somewhat of a prolonged booziness to it.
Mouthfeel: Rather light and creamy. the carbonation melds well with the finishing bitterness. The body is thicker, and semi-tacky, but there isn't any cloying in the mouth. Finishes crisp and refreshing
Overall Impression: A relatively basic pale ale, nothing phenomenally interesting stands out to me. Not a great sit down beer. Maybe something to drink that won't require too much attention or care to how it tastes such as out at a bar with friends.


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