Monday, October 18, 2010

Oatmeal Stout

Sunday night movie, Invictus, with Timothy after a long day of doing homework. (These are Tim's tasting notes)

Appearance: Jet black with a deep dirty brown/tan foamed head that slowly dissipates into a film. A sticky lacing is apparent. Head is worth about 2 fingers, texture of it is extremely creamy, similar to whipped cream.
Aroma: Smooth delicate notes of roasted nuts and caramel malt and milky sweet aroma undertones permeate as well
Taste: Taste is a sweet coffee, burnt flavor. Slight woody notes and toasted bread. I'd go as far as to call this a milk stout! It has a delectably appealing flavor character vanishing with a roasted hop/burnt bitterness. Slight mapleness to this beer but not in the slightest domintating, moreso in the far back stage left.
Mouthfeel: Mouthfeel is very thick and carbonation is strong as it is maintained from sip to swallow. Body is lighter but packed with flavor. Creaminess is delectably smooth and soft textured.
Overall Impression: Definitely a worthy stout, at $6.99 a six pack this is an anytime go-to beer. Clean and crisp with a complex yet completely balanced flavor profile. A sweet stout. Not a micro-measurment of harshness to any aspect of this beer.


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