Monday, November 22, 2010

Alpha King Pale Ale

This was another of the six packs I purchased from the brewery. Apparently Three Floyd's beer is one of the highest demanded in the midwest (Well for sure Illinois). I've talked to Ryan at Ribco and he told me he has the most difficult times getting this beer and when he does, he has to charge a whole lot for it. Fortunately I don't live (too) far from the brewery in Munster, IN. so for my birthday I made it out there to check the scene and taste some beer. Enjoyed Prior to Augustana's first basketball game and to see Jen cheer lead.

Appearence: A rich ambered orange with a frothy off white one fingered creamed head that dissipates only minutes later. Clarity is on the higher end. Light speckled lacing on the side of the glass. Carbonation is near invisible.
Aroma: Quite floral with a citrus kick at the end. The bitterness already I know is going to be a predominant contributor to this beer. Malt sweetness is almost non-existent. Light splashes of grapefruit zest, immediately giving the impression of amarillo, simcoe or chinook hops.
Taste: Very fruitful to the lips. As I said earlier the malt takes a fair background position as the alpha acids do the talking. Nevertheless there is a subtle sweetness that is indeterminately coming from the hops but maintained from the light pale malt profile. The hops have a robust complexity reminiscent of tropical fruit, grapefruit, citrus and zest as well as floral undertones. The flavor is more lasting than others, while giving this beer not a grassy, but flavorful aftertaste that remains until the next sip. After burp is spectacular.
Mouthfeel: Rich and creamy for a pale ale. The beer presents a small carbonation that doesn't bite, but instead blossoms more flavors as the beer finishes on the palate. Light body but bold flavor.
Overall Impression: Not for the faint at heart. THIS IS A HOPPED BEER. Not a Dreadnought, but certainly flavorful. I'd call it more an Imperial IPA than anything, given the darkness and the absurd bitter flavor. Nevertheless it maintains a proper and formal bitterness that has an absurd complexity. Balance is off, but I certainly wasn't worried about it. Clean and extremely drinkable. I'll be buying this again next time I see it.


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