Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fat Tire Amber Ale

Thanks to Thomas Cristian who gave me this a while back. I finally got around to trying it before practice one day last week. I've given this one several opportunities to impress me, and I understand this is a great popularized beer for beginners attempting to enter the beer world, I felt I needed to give it one more strict rating before coming to an accurate judgement.

Appearance: Off white head that dissipates into a soft film foam. No visible carbonation, but exhibits a nice golden amber with complete transparency.
Aroma: Slightly malty with a little to give in the way of distinct smells. Caramel and biscuits are present, but ever so subtle.
Taste: Grainy and malted with a strong toasted character to it that reminds me of toasted bread or fresh baked biscuits. I sense a caramel taste in the back of the mouth. The more I go into this beer, the more of a subtle burnt flavor emerges and reveals itself. There are also minor floral notes, but are masked by this emerging omnipresent toasted/burnt caramel flavor. Finishes with a tannin grain husk aftertaste.
Mouthfeel: Carbonation is very strong and prickles the tongue, the way most lagers might. Medium thickness mouthfeel and a continuous lacing on the glass.
Overall Impression: A typical amber. Nothing special, nor nothing overwhelming or negative. Try it if you may, but please...Branch out. I'd simply call it a "Gateway beer"
Note: Does it really take a cycling trip to "brainstorm" an amber ale recipe? Most likely months in a lab.
Note2: Congrats to Thomas Ries for winning the bike!


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