Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Levitation Ale

100th Post! Tasted this with Jen for the start of the new term following my first class of Parasitology. We tried it in the new six 5 Oz. glass tasting flight with fitted places for the tasting glasses within a varnished wooden paddle that she got me for my birthday.

Appearance: Rich bronzed amber with a finger and a half worth of thick foamy off white head. Clarity is optimal making carbonation fully visible within the glass. Thick webbed lacing follows the head down the glass the deeper one gets.
Aroma: Robust choked full of caramel roasted malt with an over toned biscuit smell at the nose. Hop profile is minimal in the smell
Taste: Alternatively, the hop bitterness reveals itself in the end taste with a grassy but floral finish that completely balances out this beer. The dry hop finish tastes similarly along the lines of a traditional red ale, just with more malt flavors. The initial sweetness shows exactly what the aroma exhibited. This roasted malt is lighter, but more pronounced and similar to toasted caramel with a pale malt base. Generally, it starts sweet and transforms to a grassy dry finish with a fine line between the two.
Mouthfeel: The body is very light for the amount of flavor and low alcohol packed into this beer. Mouthfeel is forgiving from the minimal micro-bubble carbonation that carries through the bitterness. It's dry finish is from the hopping and not the alcohol which was a measly 4.4%
Overall Impression: A perfectly balanced ale transgressing a truly complex flavor and aroma in an easily describable manner. I even appreciate the low alcohol because you can just drink more!



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