Sunday, November 7, 2010

Little Sumpin' Sumpin' Ale

This was a pint that Jen ordered at Two Brother's a few nights ago. Lagunitas makes use of stellar hops and malts creating not-to-far from exceptional ales (and lagers?). Bottle poured. The bartender took the bottle away from Jen and gave her a sticker because she was aggressively knifing the label off, scaring everyone in the vicinity. Thanks Jen Misewicz for letting me steal your pint for a review.

Appearance: Simple straw color with a white bubbly head. Transparency is quite clear but the carbonation is invisible.
Aroma: Grainy malt aroma that is surely lighter than a pale base malt in flavor, but still exhibits a bold sweetness. Subtle underlying fruitiness and esters, even with minute hints of diacetyl/apple. Maybe apricots? or other tropical fruit.
Taste: Again the flavor is light revealing the wheat/or pils base malts that may have been used to create the color and flavored sweetness of this ale. There is a strong hop character. Caramel begins to emerge midway through, just as the alcohol reveals itself at the finish with a dry, but clean aftertaste. There is a delicious floral hop character that runs rampant throughout, developing in a multitude of similar flavors as you progress through the glass. Nevertheless I think I can pin-point maybe Amarillo or Willamette hops here? In either case this beer has a delicately sweet finish.
Mouthfeel: Body is light and drinkable similar to mouthfeel, forgiving and smooth. No tackiness. Alcohol is perfectly incorporated into this beer where it has little effect on flavor or texture, yet it may sneak up on you..
Overall Impression: This beer is bold, but fragile, yet bursting with a unique flavor profile. I don't really taste the wheat that was used, but the finish develops a citrus grapefruit overtone that may be a combination between the hops and the subtle wheat malts. Extremely drinkable, leaving the palate clean and refreshed.



  1. eh it was no problem sir. I best be getting that sticker back!

  2. Where can I find this beer? I'm a nut for anything grapefruity. Two brothers? Where is that?

  3. I'd like to say Binny's. But that's a little far for the QC. Perhaps if you're lucky they may have it at John's Grocer in Iowa City. It depends how far you're willing to go to try a beer. I'll keep on the lookout for other "grapefruit" tasting IPA's.