Sunday, November 21, 2010

White Rascal

Tried following a day of making Pumpkin Rye ale and an 11 mile run. Thanks to Jen’s parents Dave and Suzanne for getting me this for my birthday.
Appearance: Yellow straw. It looks like a normal hefeweisen but slightly lighter in color. Some head, but not much. The beer is especially hazy.
Aroma: Very bready and yeasty with a splash of citrus and orange peel
Taste: There is a slight tropical tartness combined with a bottle conditioned pungent yeast flavor. The sweetness is hands down of wheat and orange zest. There are touches of cloves too. I taste brief notes of pilsen malt, and even some lemon. This is very similar to a Silly Saison I had in Australia. Breadiness takes an undertone throughout the sweet flavor. There is little bitterness aside from the subtle resin zest aftertaste
Mouthfeel: Smooth and extremely drinkable. Though the carbonation aggressively bites the tongue, it maintains a crisp clean refreshing texture about it
Overall: Totally different from most wheat, wit, weiss, and hefe’s. More complexity and more of a balance between all the flavors.


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