Sunday, December 12, 2010

Burton Baton Imperial India Pale Ale

Tasted this with Jen on Friday night following a busy day choked full of a parasitology exam, applications to breweries, as well as a Secret Santa party and a 3 mile tempo workout. It was great to buckle down to this one with some cheese and crackers. Oh, I picked this up from the Binny's in highland park.

Appearance: Large frothy off white head that is maintained several minutes after the pour. Color is a deep bronzed amber with a high turbidity. Small carbonation bubbles rise quickly on the side of the snifter. Lacing is thick and evenly distributed.
Aroma: Dark fruit take an immediate position upon the pour, followed by sweet caramel malt and sweet resins of chocolate and raisins. Roasted and toasted malt sweetness permeates the nose upon a delicate but pronounced finish. Touches of citrus as well as pine and wood and nuts.
Taste: Strong pronunciation of flavor. The malt sweetness is perfectly combined with the pine and citrus bitterness which acts evenly as a reply to the dark fruit/fig and raisin undertones. Like a lot of Dogfish Head, there is some grape characteristics, but nothing overly prominent. Malted toasted/biscuit flavors hold a definitive backbone by which all flavors work off of, especially the dark fruit esters. Upon first taste there is somewhat of a brown sugar/ candied sugar sweetness that no sooner graduates into a full fledged malt and fruit skin flavor. A brief nuttiness and biscuit flavor are interspersed between the mid and aftertaste. The warming sensation as the beer exits the mouth and continues down the  throat gives a good indication of the alcohol percentage, though this feeling is legitimately unapparent in the taste.
Mouthfeel: Medium to full body that is extremely smooth from the point it touches the lips on right into the finish. Carbonation evenly distributes the flavor by the midtaste, while finishing the beer dry while relatively free of an aftertaste. Texture is creamy but free of under attenuated tackiness.
Overall Impression: One of the greatest Dogfish Head beers that has touched my lips, let alone IPA's. I think the balance and complexity with this beer really helps distinguish it from all others. The flavors and aroma harmonize in a complete symphony of flavor undisturbed by nothing. I truly enjoy the fruitiness that permeates through to the end of the beer even to the very last sip. Dark fruit makes the most prominent appearance and stay. This my friends, is something special The best beer to try, so far. And tt might be approaching the perfect beer? We'll see.

Tim: 96/100
Jen (sick): In the 90's/100

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