Monday, December 6, 2010

Commodore Perry IPA

Appreciation goes out to Nathan and Justin Smith for thinking of me when seeing this beer at a family gathering over thanksgiving and bringing it back for me to try. Tasted in the afternoon in a Guinness pint glass. Luckily they got me two bottles in case I butcher the first tasting from being sick.

Appearance: Ambered orange with an inhibited transparency from the dense micro-bubble carbonation that persistently blossoms up through the liquid. The head is robust, white and frothy maintained well over several minutes at a fingers worth, lacing the glass as it slowly dissipates. This beer has THE best sustained head I've seen. Even at the end of the glass there is still a froth (not just film) and it leaves in its path a layered lacing of each sip.
Aroma: Fruity with notes of apricots and peach with a alcoholic buzz at the end. Smell is crisp and citrusy. The aroma finishes with a subtle spiciness to it with a mix of pine hops and coriander.
Taste: Quite a flavor. With a amber pale malt backbone, the beer exhibits a wealthy crisp taste and fruity undertones. Orange peel and grapefruit juice notes with a tropical sweetness. The hop addition contributes a rich pine and resin flavor leaving a moderately bitter aftertaste, but the alcohol and hops add a manageable, but not overwhelming character to the beer that just wouldn't be the same without it. Gradually a sour flavor may be distinguished from this beer, but is perfectly complementary to the unique and well paired flavors.
Mouthfeel: Large body and medium mouthfeel with a constant and lower carbonation that I'd say fits the ale perfectly.
Overall Impression: What starts sweet and tropical quickly blasts a rush of grapefruit/pine bitterness and no sooner finishes dry and crisp. This is a completely unique IPA starting light and crisp and finishing dry and generally clean aside from the resinous bitterness left on the tongue. Well balanced between sugary sweetness and hopping. Get a six pack, it's worth it.

Tim: 90/100
Jen: 88/100

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