Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Polestar Pilsner

This was the last 6 pack at Binny's, so I had to try it. Bought it just before closing and tasted it the following day once I got home from working there at around 10 p.m.

Appearance: Golden straw color with no head. Clarity is optimal while there is a minimal carbonation. Ever so slight chill haze. The top of the glass is the only place on the glass that holds the lacing
Aroma: Spunky and lagered with a brief crisp and pungent yeast note. some lemon peel and spices carry the nose along with a brief pils malt undertone. It's really difficult to pinpoint the layers of smell over the dominating pungent lagered aroma.
Taste: Crisp and tart with a nice lemon-like combination with funky malt sweetness and a finishing Saaz or Hallertau bitterness. Spice and crisp is tasted more so on the back of the roof of the mouth than anything else. Washes down clean with some grassiness sensed in the far back of the throat. Citrus lemon plays a partial role in flavor and aftertaste as well.
Mouthfeel: Light and fluid with a medium carbonation that is none too aggressive, like most other pilsners. Bubbles felt mostly on the tip of the tongue and that's it.
Overall Impression: I still have difficulty describing Pilsners partially because their isn't much free-variation between the style without being too offensive. This beer was a little more sweeter than most I think, but still accurately presented a crispy and refreshing beer.


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