Wednesday, December 8, 2010

YETI Imperial Stout

Tasted in the evening following a 12 miler. Complemented with an omelet made of farm fresh eggs mixed with pico de gallo from La Rancharita ($2.90/20 Oz!)...I bought 60 Oz.

Appearance: Poured coal black with the consistency of warm syrup. Filled the snifter and blossomed a rich brown head that then dissipated only minutes later into a film.
Aroma: Of chocolate and nuts with a maple sweetness. Finishing is a nice burnt, but roasted character of coffee and dark malt. Some bittersweetness of molasses and hops also pair the end in its finishing aroma. I'm excited.
Taste: Interestingly enough the taste is medicinal, which isn't a favorable flavor. I find it starts sweet and chocolaty but with the combination of the booziness and the hops as well as the burnt finish, it ends on a cough medicine note. I can either contribute this to the uncomplimentary hops used, which may originate from the ideal IPA/pale ale hops. Or the beers shelf-life is limited. Or my cold has not yet resolved itself. Does this beer finish on more of a cirtusy note? The coffee, chocolate and roasted flavors are there, but don't finish the beer off like most stouts.
Mouthfeel: Mouthfeel was thick and tacky. Carbonation was very low, but just enough to play the tip of the tongue. Body is full.
Overall Impression: Not a fan. The beer wasn't very balanced and seemed a bit off in way of sweetness vs. bitterness. The medicinal taste is one that lingers in the finish and aftertaste. Jen says "if this is how medicine is supposed to taste, I would drink a whole bottle of it...way better than Robitussin."

Note: If you recommend I retry this beer, please let me know.


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