Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Brewery Review: Piece Brewery - Chicago IL

This visit was during a day in the city touring the local breweries that included Rock Bottom, Goose Island as well as Moonshine (Brewery Review coming soon). Accompanying me was Ms. Jennifer Misewicz and Joe "snow" Murphy. We ordered a sampler and a couple pints. The beer below are a conglomeration from two of my visits: One in the summer and the other in the Winter (December 29th):

Golden Arm - Clear blonde with a sweet wheaty smell. Tastes bready but smooth with a leafy pinch at the finish.
Bell End Bitter - Ambered colored with a small head. Again smells yeasty but with a complementary pine. Some sweetness and the pine comes through mellowed in the finish.
Worryin' Ale - Light brown but with a clear mahogany hue. Carbonation makes for a smooth and creamy texture. Slight nuttiness but hints of butteriness as well. Nice spicing and body.
Full Frontal Pale Ale - More of a glowing blond amber color, but nevertheless still exhibiting clarity. Some tropical notes especially of grapefruit.
Piece Hefe - Cloudy and bright yellow with a well maintained head. Strong yeastiness but with hints of orange and lemon citrus.
Headless - Roasted aroma as well as a nice bouquet in the flavor. There is some coffee to parallel the malt as well as a bittered finish. Medium bodied.
Dunkel - Brown color with a clouded hue to it. Aroma is quite phenolic as well as the taste exhibiting some mild fruitiness.
Festivus - Darker brown with booziness both in aroma and in flavor. Dark fruity esters to taste which rounds out with some spicing elements.
Fornicator - Clear and Light lagered from the look of it.  Rich caramel with hints of toastiness. Great in small quantities, but I don't see myself drinking it.
Cap'n Kickass - Mild looking amber  with a grass bittered aroma. Exhibits Grapefruit in the flavor from beginning to end. There is a biscuit sweet backbone.
Camel Toe - A pale amber haze. An Egyptian pale ale with a nice sweet foretaste. Nicely balanced with the 9.5% ABV which could creep up fast. Fruity esters, tropical and sweet.
Dark n' Curvy - Cloudy brown with tints of red. Taste is very yeasty but still maintains somewhat of a tartness at the finish.
Swingin' Single - Really yellow and pale in color makes this beer almost look like a fake lemonade. Nice citrus backbone with a spicy finish of clove and pepper.

The brewery, as obviously seen from the name, is a brewpub specialized in pizza, and a fantastic one at that. The atmosphere is spacy and fit for all ages (though mostly 20 and 30 year olds, as well as sport fan dads). They have a large bar, open restaurant, and a lower level hang out area. We sat at a booth and ordered their sampler followed by a pint of Three Floyds Alpha Klaus and their pale ale. My initial visit in the Summer somewhat deterred me from going again this time, primarily because most of the beer was wheat, of which I wasn't a fan. We returned this time to find a totally different selection, of which were more favorable to fit my tastes. Perhaps this brewery does their seasonal selection quite well. A blackboard is fitted in the back showing all the awards the brewery has won. The guest beer menu holds a nice variety of local selections. Oh and the pizza is amazing. We ordered a large with Spinach mushroom and onion, and it is relatively inexpensive for the colossal pizza that you get. Unfortunately the only draw back I can see with this brewery is being separated from the brewing equipment and process. Both times I was there I never saw their fermenters or brew kettle and lautering tuns. For some reason I think this adds to the authenticity of most breweries and being separated from it gives the restaurant a normalized, un-authentic feeling. And thank you Vivian for being a great waitress.

Brewery experience: 43/50

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