Sunday, January 30, 2011

Brown Shugga' Sweet Release Ale

Tasted with Henry Lapka with a stir fried veggie dinner. Meet at Wartburg tomorrow so it was quieter night with lots of carbs. Thanks to my dad for getting me this for Chrismas as part of the around the world winter 12 pack.

Appearance: Orange amber colored with a slight reddish tint. Clear for the most part. Minimal head taking on a thin filmed appearance. Micro carbonation visible within. Wet lacing down the sides.
Aroma: Very oaky and dry with a sweet undertone of dark fruit (raisin, date and figs). A lot of carameled candied. A little bit of pungency at the end of the nose followed by a subtle tart aroma.
Taste: Sweet caramel immediately on the tongue with a woody character. I taste some oak barrel as well as a dash of muscat grapes (I get that flavor from Dogfish Head)... Vinous would be the appropriate word. Dark fruit likewise melds well into the sweet flavor. Alcohol is deceivingly mellow. Aftertaste is carameled and dry with some nut tannins. Flavor correlates well with the color. Finishing hops are a great way to carry out the beers flavor. Also the combinations of all the flavors add to a great spiciness. Brown sugar and honey may impart a lot of contributive sweetness.
Mouthfeel: Sticky texture and full bodied. Carbonation is very mellow and light. Finish of the beer is drying, yet refreshing. Thick and smooth.
Overall Impression: A delicious mix of complex flavors that create a symposium of flavors that combine extremely well. Caramel, toasted and dark fruitiness. Still very drinkable and refreshing, with a surprising alcohol.


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