Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Burly Brown Ale

Post number 199! Happy Australia Day! Tasted with some organic pumpkin pie I made (for dinner) following a difficult track workout of 11 x 200 followed by 5 x 400m repeat intervals.

Appearance: Very dark with little clarity, if any. Poor head retention, but more so lacking it all together. The beer is predominantly blackish brown with a little chestnut brown/reddish tint along the edges when held to the light.
Aroma: Mild sweetness comes from mostly toasted barley. Some dark browned sugar smell along with an earthy/leafy like finish. Caramel is also apparent, but still takes a background. Smell altogether is quite faint at best.
Taste: Non-descript sweetness to start, then a carameled grain husk sweetness emerges to be finished with an earthy roasted nuttiness, which is then complemented with a light leafy bitterness to the end. The beer puts more emphasis on the bittering finish than any roasted, toasted, even biscuit malt sweetness. I find the bitterness oddly off-putting, but still adds to a refreshing finish. Some resinous and grassy flavors emerge midway through, of which further plays a poor game in my mouth. Almost watery
Mouthfeel: Medium to light body with a high carbonated spike mid tongue. Very light feeling in texture though. Somewhat watery as well.
Overall Impression: Eh, not exactly my ideal for a brown ale. A little watery and more emphasis on the bitterness than I would like. I think some more toasted malt would have been a great addition to the beer. The grassy/leafy finish is a bit deterring, though I notice it adds to a crisp refreshing finish


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