Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Crooked Tree IPA

Tasted at Rock Island Brewing Company (RIBCO) on Monday night for their 1/2 off draught special.

Appearance: Clear amber and some orange hue with haze, perhaps contributed to chill. Hardly any head, yet still filled nicely to the brim of the 16 Oz. pint glass. Carbonation looks non-existent
Aroma: Rich biscuit and toasted malt apparent in the fore smell. This is soon after extinguished by a aromatic pine and tropical fruit aroma that may be characterized by grapefruit zest (not the fruit). Finally there is some grassy elements to the beer as well.
Taste: Of sweet orange juice and a bittering grapefruit zest finish. Pine is likewise present, continuously contributing a delicate earthy forest smell to the beer. Resins coat the mouth leaving a fresh and outdoorsy aftertaste. Fruity sweetness from the nice balanced combination of hops and malt complement perfectly. Perhaps this may be contributed to some late boil Chinook or other C' hops.
Mouthfeel: Very drinkable and refreshing with a medium body. Limited carbonation , but just enough there to make a presence and enhance the flavor of the finish. Somewhat drying to the palate.
Overall Impression: A nicely balanced IPA, perhaps comparable to the ever popular Bell's Two Hearted IPA. I think this beer nicely exemplifies the American style version of this style, achieving balance and complexity in all areas of qualification. A nice go-to.


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