Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ellie's Brown Ale

Purchased at my first visit to the Highland Park Binny's. Sat down and opened after my trip back from the "real" burbs and finishing a good novel.

Appearance: Clarity is at its max. No head upon pour, but slowly formed a thin layer of cream colored bubbles after 5 minutes. Color is a gorgeous dark chestnut brown with a touch of red. No lacing exists.
Aroma: Hints of chocolate and roasted nuts at the nose. Slight notes of brown sugar, and a woody undertone.
Taste: Flavor is a combination of chocolate, mild roastiness, and maybe some hints of caramel. Malty start and finishes with a vanilla and toffee flavor. Mild bitterness from tannins arises a few seconds after the foretastes. Well toasted coffee. Quite nutty with a biscuity sweetness. Brown sugar becomes very prominant as the beer warms.
Mouthfeel: Smooth and easy to drink, even as it warms up. Carbonation is very active and plays on the lips after sipping but primarily contributes to the flavor. Crisp finish and somewhat resinous from nut-like tannins.
Overall Impression: I thought this beer was well balanced and each sip contained a multitude of flavors. The taste progressed and evolved from start to finish. Yet as it reached room temperature, I noticed it developed more bitter characteristics that I wasn't a huge fan of. Still, I will be enjoying the rest of the six pack.

Jen: 86/100
T1: Tim: 83/100
T2 (4/8/11): 85/100

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