Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Heywire Hefeweisen

I tried this for the first time with Neil Driscoll in LAX at the bar while we were waiting for our next flight to Australia. Therefore this was one of the first beers in my original beer journal. We got this in at Binny's so I had to try it to see just how much my tastes have changed.

Appearance: A mostly clear golden color. Dreggs weren't added so the transparency was retained. Slight filmed white foam head. High carbonation visible throughout the glass.
Aroma: Yeasty but sweet. Breadiness as well a a bit of biscuit come through to the nose as it mingles with a apricot sourness. Smell is a little grainy as well.
Taste: Very sweet, and more so in the form of candied sweetness than anything else. Beer still retains an element of wheat citrus with an accompanying light fruit tartness. Yeast and bread follow up in the mid taste, reminding one that its still a wheat beer. The finish is somewhat dry and especially incorporating some hop character as well. The beer also incorporates somewhat of a fruit juice element that gets me thinking about concentrates or extracts and not so much the basic beer ingredients. Some lemon zest, coriander and even peppery notes are also noted with the hop finish. After burp really gives a lemon taste to accompany the dryness.
Mouthfeel: More of a heavy body, though the carbonation really helps disperse it as it goes down into a smoother texture. Swished around, the beer does administer quite a sting to the tongue. Definitely a thicker hefeweisen.
Overall Impression: I think it was the label that caught my eye the first time, it's really cool. The beers label exhibits some pretty cool, almost energy drink like artwork. The beer isn't bad, and certainly exhibits a lot of complexity, but as for a wheat beer, its quite heavy and sweet, perhaps with other fruit adjuncts added. Nevertheless it is for sure one to please an individuals sweet tooth.


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