Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Plowboy Porter

Tasted during an intense discussion of religion and Christ primarily led by Joshua Schipp. Enjoyed in the company of Thomas Christian, Matthew Bowman and Jen Misewicz. Accompanied with homemade hummus and salsa, organic cucumber and blue corn chips.

Appearance: Poured surprisingly light in color, almost amber, but within the glass it reveals a longed darker hue. Minimal head, otherwise maintaining a white foamy ring with a spotted film. To the light is still has a rubied glow.
Aroma: Sweet malted caramel and other apparent fruited aromas. Lighter on smell and lacking much of the common porter or stout roasted barley characters.
Taste: Light and almost indistinguishable sweet, but palatable flavors. Starts plain, and ends plain with some Golding hop profile and a drying tongue. Jen says she tastes cocoa powder, but this flavor still remains unpresent to me. Mostly mild candied sugar and cane. and maybe even some light maple. Other than that, this porter has a minimal flavor profile. Slowly as the beer warms, it begins to exhibit some chocolate.
Mouthfeel: Small foam feel, ironically still maintaining a watery feel. More of pop-like taste. Light and more of a thinner body than I'd expect from a porter.
Overall Impression: A very interesting beer, especially to be considered a porter. It definitely lacked the roasted flavors, but still was quite refreshing and drinkable. I'd definitely recommend this for those who'd be interested in trying darker beers and moving from there. This is your gateway beer to dark beers if you're one to lean toward ambers, fat tires, or even lagers.


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