Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rare Vos

Tasted following a lunch of steamed organic broccoli, potatoes and my homemade garlic hummus.

Appearance: A evenly clouded amber with still some micro-carbonation visible. It develops a seemingly indestructible head upon pour characterized by a white foam fluff, leaving behind it a sticky white residual lacing. After several minutes, this two finger white head finally dissipates into a cm of dense froth.
Aroma: Variably sweet with notes of caramel, but also light fruit apricots and their opposing raisins and dates. There is somewhat of a funk to it along with a touch of bubblegum. I find an undertone of tartness alongside the clove and alternative spices contributing to the complexity of the aroma.
Taste: Starts medium sweet, but the beer is primarily tasted in the back of the throat. The biscuit and toasted malt comes through, but is soon after masked by an incredible spice of perhaps orange peel and clove. Some pepperiness along the back of the mouth as the beer finishes, leaving a resembling aftertaste. The beer isn't overwhelmingly sweet, but still maintains a nice fruity profile. The finish has some bitterness from the assorted flavors noted above, but more some primarily the phenolic yeast contributive byproducts.
Mouthfeel: Very smooth and refreshing. The carbonation hardly lights up the tongue, but its presence is known as it washes down. Lighter body. Leaves a good tasting aftertaste.
Overall Impression: Now this is the type Belgium beer I could get used to drinking. It's not overwhelmingly alcoholic, or spicy. But it still exhibits nice flavoring and complexity with a finish that would appeal to anyone's palate. Nice.


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