Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tres Blueberry Stout

Tasted following a session of Power Yoga by Kest from 1995 and while kegging 10 gallons of my Red Wheat IPA. Poured cellar temperature into a Pint glass.

Appearance: Coal black with a nice tan brown head that is poured strong and then dissipates into a cm thick film across the top. Looks like blackened mud. Thick foamed ring of the head remains throughout the entire pint.
Aroma: Chocolate is an immediate sensation to the nostrils followed by a roasted malt sweetness and a coffee burnt bitterness. The blueberries work well into this medley of roasted flavor. There isn't really any tartness from the blueberries, but rather the mellow fruitiness enhances more of s chocolate aroma within the beers profile.
Taste: I find that the blueberry sweetness adds to the otherwise bittering elements of black patton malt and roasted coffee. Chocolate is a predominant characteristic of this beer followed by a mellow roasted barley tinge. I like that the sweetness is encouraged by the blueberry and enhances the chocolaty taste. Starts sweet and even finishes sweet, but the remaining aftertaste leaves the elements of burnt roastiness as well as some toasted malt overtones.
Mouthfeel: To continue from above, the final sensation is the dryness noted on the tongue within the aftertaste. Thick body and low carbonation make for a smooth and creamy texture.
Overall Impression: Initially I was hesitant to get this beer because of the blueberry, but I was overwhelming surprised at the palatable sensations and flavors exhibited by the simple addition of the fruit. Sweet and creamy with some touches of vanilla and toasted malt. Bitterness is minimal but still leaves the palate dry. The best of the Dark Horse stout line-up.
I wish I could have tried 4 and 5, but they are nowhere to be found!


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