Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fireside Nut Brown

Thanks to Greg Maggio for donating this to the blog! Tasted at the Misewicz residence following a fifteen mile run in soggy conditions.

Appearance: Very pretty color resembling a bronze/orange/amber hue. Robust appearance with minimally sustained head. Entirely clear with visible carbonation.
Aroma: Smoked spruce and toasted malt barley scent. Slight hint of fruit possibly simmering raisins and dates with a brown sugar addition. Smells a lot boozier than the 4.9% lets on... And sure why not, nuts.
Taste: Starts thin in flavor, once the carbonation rushes over the palate it brings with it a roasted nutty flavor. Less of a malt flavor and more of a dark fruit taste with brown sugar. Taste does not linger in mouth or in back of throat which gives it a very clean flavor. Definitely some cara smoked barley and other contributive adjuncts. Still some uniqueness to the finish as I find a soft malt flavor hazelnut and perhaps some maple syrup
Mouthfeel: Thin light body with active carbonation that helps distinguish the flavors. Very drinkable and refreshing, the most common element of all Leinenkugels beers
Overall Impression: It's interesting how the malt sugars are not as apparent in the taste although they come across strong in the aroma. Typical of a Leinenkugel's product, the flavor emerges mid to aftertaste. I think this beer appeals to so many people because the light body makes it easily drinkable and keeps you from feeling full after. Since this beer does have a strong interesting flavor that seems less artificial than Berryweiss, it's probably the best out of the Leinenkugul lineup.


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