Monday, February 28, 2011

Flywheel Bright Lager

The First of my beers of the night at Finnegan's Irish pub. Fortunately for the day we were there, it was $2 pints and I didn't even realize until after ordering! A big 16 Oz pint that went quickly as we sat writing our notes at the bar. Thanks to Todd for being a great bartender.

Appearance: Clear straw color with a soapy white foam head. No haziness with some visible carbonation within. Looks very watery.
Aroma: Mild but pungent. Some lemon character that over arches a grainy base malt. Some yeast and a lagered element burrow through the nostrils accompanied with candied sugar and perhaps a corn syrup element. Relatively reminiscent of sparkling white grape juice. Quite estery.
Taste: Some clean sweetness in the foretaste. Lagered pungency and hop character remains from then on out. Some apple and ester undertones as well as a little tartness and funk common to some Ice House lagers gone warm, then cold, then warm, then cold? Much of the taste resides in the back of the through. Gradually some nice hop character emerges the further one gets into the glass. the hops balance the fore malt/candy sweetness and contributes to a generally refreshing taste. Some tartness remains throughout the entire drink. As I finish I'm reminded of predominantly pears and fruity astringency.
Mouthfeel: Apart from the look, this beer did pack a fuller body than most lagers. Medium body with a poorly low carbonation. A little stickiness and mild crisping element. Not drying. Smooth drinking lager.
Overall Impression: I'd admit I very much disliked this beer upon the first couple sips. It was plain and uneventful, it didn't exhibit much aroma until several gulps in. As it warmed and the taste buds became accustomed, it blossomed into a strong complexity that truly did distinguish it from other drinking lagers and econo-beers. But the low carbonation and that warm-like astringency of Bud and Coors was the biggest deterrence.


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