Friday, February 4, 2011

Hopslam Ale

Enjoyed Monday night with the group at RIBCO for 1/2 price pints. Of course this was $6.00/pint, but well worth it. Followed it up with Dark Horse Tres.

Appearance: Clear golden amber maintaining a minimal white head around the edges. Full filled 16 Oz. pint to the brim. absolutely beautiful looking. No activity occurring within the glass. As the beer is sipped down it exhibits a wet lacing down the side.
Aroma: Grape fruity and subtle pine hit the nostrils and then meld into a sweet and fruity bouquet with touches of apricot/grape skin character. Candied honey and clove. Some biscuit and toasted malt tag along in the aftermath. Almost vinous.
Taste: Starts light and sweet but then develops into an astonishing tangerine like sweetness. Almost tart to the tongue and the back of the throat, but then the hops burst through to remind the palate you're drinking something big and bitter. Almost orange juice. Pineapple and floral undertones emerge later on. Malt sweetness is light and indistinguishably carameled with an equally paralleled honey sweetness. The hop bitterness hits sensation surprisingly late, leaving a long in between of competing flavors. Finally finishing in a tropical sweetness.
Mouthfeel: Medium bodied with a nice complementing microbubble carbonation. Finishes dry but not resinous. Highly drinkable and refreshing while at the same time savory and long lasting. Alcohol goes unnoticed.
Overall Impression: Very tasty. A sister to Three Floyd's Arctic Panzer Wolf, yet still exhibiting a different citrus and tropical flavor. Tangerine and grape/honey remain prominent as unique flavors throughout this beer. Pineapple, on might add. Perfectly complex and well crafted to balanced perfection. I'd pick this one up along with a Founders Breakfast Stout, and you'd be set for life.


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