Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fresh Hop Pale Ale

Thank you Neil Vigars for serving this pint to us at RIBCO for their 1/2 off pint Monday night special.

Appearance: Clear ambered orange but glowing in hue, along with a very poor head retention. Initially it was bubbly and white, but quickly dissipated only to leave behind an intermittent spotted lacing along the sides of the class. There isn't much activity within.
Aroma: Floral with an underlying toasted malt and herbaceous element to the beers scent. Hops are nicely balanced against a lighter malt that carries along with in some honey and toffee in character. Oranges and citrus make a follow up
Taste: A wealth of toasted malt in the fore taste making for a light, but nice backbone by which the hops can play off of. I also taste some honey and candied sugar that continue to sweeten but also soften the body. The hop flavor is likewise sweet, but also floral with some earthy pine elements. Peaches and apricots make up a fructose like character which likewise parallel the combination of malt and hop complexity. Finally there is somewhat of a salty element about the beer that reminds me of stale hops, lackluster and not very fresh tasting. Aftertaste is grassy.
Mouthfeel: Light to medium body with a medium fizzed carbonation. The finish id dry and resinous with a stick to the tongue. Crispness encourages a refreshing palate.
Overall Impression: Initially the flavor of the beer is somewhat puckering and sweet, but gradually as the beer warms and is tasted, the salty stale flavor develops. nevertheless it is simply balanced and remains refreshing to taste.


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