Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pegasus IPA

Thanks to David Misewicz for allowing me to have this beer. He had first tried this beer on tap at Finnegan's Irish pub and liked it enough to buy a six pack. I got the last one and got an opportunity to review it following a quite Thursday evening with a vegetable medley stir fry with Singh family eggs, brown rice and goat cheese.

Appearance: Poured into a wine glass, this beer exhibits a rubied copper color. For the most part this beer is relatively hazy, but just clear enough to see through. Visible carbonation. No head whatsoever.
Aroma: Aroma is citrus and grapefruit immediately tempting the nostrils. Hops hold prominently in this beer with a floral undertone and a grassy bill. Some strong zestiness remains continuously present after swirl or not. Caramel malt definitely takes a background in the aroma. Some pine and hop resins also noted. As the beer warms it does develop some mild fruitiness.
Taste: Very grassy at first leaving little room for any malt sweetness or complexity within the hops. Gradually though, as the bitterness mellows and the palate adjusts, the time of bitterness with each taste shortens and extends a developmental complexity, while a malted foretaste emerges. The first rush to the taste buds it a short lived caramel toasted maltiness that then transitions into a blast of grass. Following is where much of the assortment of flavors may emerge in the form of bittering grapefruit zest and floral hops. The magnum hops used in this beer are made extremely apparent with the strength of the bitterness. Pine and tropical fruit husks may be picked out especially originating from the cascade hops.
Mouthfeel: Very clean. Medium body with a higher carbonation that doesn't spike the tongue but instead froths over it making the beer quite crisp and refreshing, while smooth and drinkable. From the magnum hops, the final sensation is a dry resinous texture on the palate.
Overall Impression: best tasted warm to appreciate the full potential of the hop flavors. I wasn't impressed in the beginning with the indistinct bitter taste, but allowing short sips and the beer to warm will generally help one to appreciate this beer. I like it, and you can to if you give it a chance. I really like the label with this one both for its simplicity and the readability of the brewery's origin and the character profile of the beer.

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