Saturday, March 19, 2011

Raspberry Wheat

Justen Parris and I finally got to our beer tasting evening. I biked into Davenport on Thursday night and got a tour of the brew supplies and beer cellar. Finally we settled on a Twisted Pine line-up from Boulder, Colorado. This was the first tasted.

Appearance:  The color profile resembled a glowing straw orange, complemented with a foamy carbonation.  There was no head, present, which seemed to be a common characteristic with all the Twisted Pine beers.  Texture was entire and hazy.
Aroma:  Initially there was a pale base malt with some wheaty grist sweetness. Some spicy and yeasty elements along with a touch of tartness and berry esters. some phenols perfume up to the nostrils. Some candied and apple elements reside in the scent as well.
Taste: Reminiscent of Band-aid and phenols masked over by some mild citrus sweetness, a finishing spice, and apple diacetyl undertones.  Some soft mellow vanilla like flavors emerge as the beer gets warmer. Somewhat of a champagne element to the beer with the prominent acidic sweetness and splash of berry tartness alongside basic wheat citrus malt.
Mouthfeel: A well integrated carbonation, although on the lower side makes the feel soft, but strangely watery and lackluster.
Overall Impression: I wasn't overly impressed with this wheat beer. it reminded me of Abita's Purple Haze, but somewhat of its lesser brother.


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