Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Buster Nut Brown Ale

Tasted with Jen on Monday night following a take out meal of Ethiopian food brought back to Rock Island all the way from Chicago.

Appearance: Extremely bubbly looking as if it were a rootbeer...literally. Even the head looks as if it were from a forced carbonation soda and completely disappears from sight. Clear aside from the color inhibition. Color is rubied brown and was brilliantly clear to the pour. Somewhat watery looking, only made from added syrup
Aroma: Sweet and toasted with a nutty scent to it. Some tobacco and molasses round out the nose with an undertone of licorice. Caramel and some vanilla permeate the nose as well. Some rum and wood notes present themselves as the beer warms further.
Taste: Huge malt toffee bill right at the front. Subtle roasted flavors that follow a carameled rum and roasted nut. Vanilla is present amongst the huge malted sweetness. I sense a little bit of graininess in husk and tannin flavors, especially in the midtaste once the palate gets used to the initial surprise of the sweetness. Walnuts and other nutty husks are presented as a bittering factor. A Licorice element is exposed immediately after the mid taste. The aftertaste is grainy and earthy with a wooded element. Hops are difficult to distinguish against the overwhelming sweetness.
Mouthfeel: A lot of carbonation is apparent throughout the entire beer. The body is somewhat watery, as judged from the appearance. Finally the finish maintains somewhat of a cloying factor.
Overall Impression: A very sweet and toffee malt based beer that packs a huge complex malt bill, but not much else. It factors in a wealth of flavors, but still reminded me of a soda pop with alcohol.

Jen: 69/100
Tim: 72/100

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