Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cream Style Stout

Tasted with Justen Parris at his house. Enjoyed along several other Twisted Pine ales.

Appearance: Dark brown black.  No transparency. Initially poured with a big head, but quickly dissipated into a foam ring of tan consistency.  Wet speckled lacing
Aroma: Roasty malt with a chocolate sweetness.   Some molasses sweet undertones and a touch of a burnt finish. Coffee and slightly toasted undertones
Taste: Roasted Nuts and almost a lactose taste.  Amazingly smooth and roasted barley. A highly apparent chocolaty flavor layers the beer. Not the sweetest stout I've had, and not the driest either. This one falls in the middle ground.A sweet film coats the mouth.  Woody.
Mouthfeel: Creamy. The texture of this beer hits the category.  Well intergrated bubbles leave a soft and smooth feel. Very refreshing.  
Overall Impression: Nice, this is definitely a stout I would seek out again. Nicely balanced and complex, yet leaving the palate refreshed.


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