Sunday, April 17, 2011

Redbridge Gluten-Free Sorghum Beer

This is one of the very few Anhauser-Busch products that will ever show up on this blog. However given the uniqueness and the rarity of Sorghum beers on the market, it serves a purpose here. Also, at my sisters request, and for her love for beer (though inhibited by a gluten intolerance), I made it a mission to seek out gluten-free beers and review them. I found this on the assortment rack at Rock Island's Hy-vee. Tasted Sunday morning (not that early, no worries) upon completion of a Max Weber paper on Judaism.

Appearance: Brilliantly clear amber with an extremely aggressive and bubbly carbonation that shows little signs of ceasing. There isn't much of head apart for a rather thin film that braces the edges of the glass, and a minimal accumulation in the middle. Pint glass served.
Aroma: Of grain husk and mild fruit. Very straw/hay like to the nose. Only presents a subtle honeyed malt backbone under a fruity scent. Some yeasty pungency and unassuming fruity esters permeate the nostrils. Aroma is overall quite minimal where nothing really stands out or makes much of an impression.
Taste: Sugary sweet as if rice sugar or cane sugar was added to induce attenuation. Hop profile is minimal against any residual sweetness. Nevertheless a prominent green grape skin flavor is present inducing a subtle tart and tannin flavor to the palate. Apricots seem to present themselves with the tart profile as the beer warms.
Mouthfeel: Very thin and light. The carbonation is overwhelming to the touch where it continues to fizz even as it exits the mouth and continues down the esophagus.
Overall Impression: Much of the mid-taste is inhibited by a large spike in the carbonation. The finish emerges with the grape skin tannin flavor in substitution for a normal hop bitterness. Generally not impressive. Nevertheless it is a light and easy drinker, perfect for the gluten-intolerant heading to drinking party. A miller light with a fruity flavor and without the barley/wheat. I do enjoy the fact that this beer has a nutrition fact label on the side, but at only 133 calories, it can't be called a craft beer...

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