Monday, April 25, 2011

Resistance India Pale Ale

Thanks to Aunt Doreen for picking up a six pack for our Easter lunch at her place. I was very grateful to have some beer other than my own. I drank a few and brought one home so I could write up this post. Having been to the brewery just a day earlier I found it both ironic, but strange I had never logged this one before. This was tasted immediately following a 15 mile run through the harms forest preserve in under 90 minutes!

Appearance: A very clear and brilliantly golden. Carbonation bubbles slowly arise from obscure etchings in the German handle mug. Dense white foam head that dissipates rather quickly, but leaves a foamed ring on the glass. Sticky lacing coats the sides where the head once was.
Aroma: A little boozy and grassy with some oak tannins and toasted malt sweetness. Honey resides as another foundation to this beer. Some sanitizer/soapiness to the nose isn't very flattering. However this could be confused with the grassiness and mild pine resins from the hops.
Taste: The foretaste is smooth with a blend of honey and biscuit malt. It then transitions into a highly floral and peppery. Touches of clove, lemon and citrus coat the tongue. Overall the combination of complex flavors is characteristically earthy and herbal. Permeation of all these elements creates an amazingly delicate finish with woody tannins/lignin that are reminiscent of bark, but finally with a grassy spike and a boost of alcohol the flavor leaves the palate dry and leafy with the taste of greens and a dash of pine. Basically a forest in a bottle.
Mouthfeel: Light bodied, but packing a punch of flavor. Carbonation is optimally integrated to encourage a refreshing, bubbly crisp feeling to complement the hops and alcohol. Finish is dry, and coats the mouth with a floral resin
Overall Impression: I enjoy this beer because it adds a little extra to the already popular IPA. it maintains a malt base, but packs in some honey and wood to compliment and maintain a backbone against the robust hop profile. The soapiness in the nose was deterring, but went undetected in the flavor, making me think it was just the combination of alpha acids.


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