Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bock Beer

Tasted on the hottest day of 2011 we've seen yet. Topping off at 91 degrees even the 4 miles I did at practice felt like 12. Thanks to Jen for getting this as part of an Assorted Six Pack from Rock Island Hy-vee ($9.49)

Appearance: Bronzed brown with a tint of orange. Very little head, hardly even foam to constitute a ring. Quite opaque and turbid, but with some clarity I'd expect to see carbonation, however there was none. It looks to be a pretty flat and uneventful beer.
Aroma: Woody with a huge rich caramel base. Lots of toffee and sweetness at the nose. Some faint hints of roastiness, but a very apparent fruity scent pierces the nostrils as a followup to the other grain based smells. Subtle hops carry out the aroma, reminiscent of most lagers.
Taste: Robust toasted malt and caramel are at the forefront of the flavor. Toffee and even cocoa come in after but remain longer on the taste buds. Some spicing is present with notes of vanilla. A lagered yeastiness presents itself in the end along with Noble hops, pilsner character and a toasted nut complexity. As the beer warms the toffee and vanilla become more pronounced, as the also begin to encourage more of an alcohol taste in the finish. Aftertaste reminds me of a dark cherry component.
Mouthfeel: Little carbonation made for a bigger body. The texture was smooth, but nearing flatness. Pretty sticky on the lips. Nevertheless it maintained a soft feel.
Overall Impression: Interesting beer. It has a lot of different characteristics than I'd classify most bocks. It was less crisp and more sweet, went lighter on the hops and went more for a malt bill. Carbonation was on the poor side. But I did enjoy the toffee and fruity component along with a lagered element in the finish.


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