Saturday, June 11, 2011

Amber Ale

Tasted Saturday evening after working in the garden and giving the chicks a bath. Thanks to Mike Gillhouse for hauling this down to Rock Island.

Appearance: Clear amber, that doesn't necessarily have a brilliance, but still a glow. No head to speak of and looks basically flat. Some carbonation can be seen, but predominantly still.
Aroma: Sweet with a brown sugar and honeyed undertone. Pale two row and some nuttiness about it. Floral and a bit earthy. Yeast is a bit apparent.
Taste: Strangely soured and fruity apricot like tartness. I'm not sure if this is a desirable characteristic, but the fruitiness is largely pronounced in the sweetness. Similarly there is a malted barley profile, consistent with caramel and toffee to equally complement the fruity tartness. A wheat element was prominent as well. The finish doesn't necessarily have a viney undertone, but more of a pear skin and fruit tannin flavor. Orange citrus emerges as the beer warms, along with some yeasty breadiness. The end of the beer leaves a prolonged nuttiness and toasted malt.
Mouthfeel: Light feeling and a softer body. Carbonation is nicely integrated into the beer to give it a slight bite, a little similar to a soft drink.
Overall Impression: Initially I was surprised by the fruit and tart flavor, that I immediately thought it was a off character and an issue with age. However as the palate got used to the beer, that undesirable flavor transitions into an appeal.


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