Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sweaty Betty Blonde

Tasted following a dreary 10 miler through East Moline. Enjoyed after some homemade organic Indian food with Moe Singh and Josh. Thanks to Mike Gillhouse for getting this a couple weekends ago.

Appearance: A turbid yellow (following the addition of the dregs, otherwise it is quite clear and golden)with a thick frothy white head that dryly laces the glass as it dissipates. It looks to thick that one could mistake it for an orange juice. Carbonation is difficult to see. Some flocculation is apparent at the bottom of the glass.
Aroma: Pungent and bready. Flour (like that just mixed with water, prior to kneading) and light wheaty graininess is a forefront malt sweetness. Yeast holds the remainder of the scent.
Taste: Bread and pale malt. Wheat citrus is present both un-malted and malted. A little herbal. Clove and lemongrass maintain a spiciness. The finish has some hops but also leaves with some alcohol to leave the palate somewhat refreshed. Yeast dominates throughout, especially in the first half of the glass. By the end, you become so used to it, that it hardly makes an impression. Banana esters reside as an undertone, especially in the end.
Mouthfeel: Thicker body with a lighter carbonation. Dries the mouth but still maintains a cloying element in the back of the throat. Smooth textured.
Overall Impression: Although the overall flavor comes off to me as kind of stale and similar to the Kvass I made a couple months ago. Still, this beer is refreshing and full of interesting flavors. This is a strange combination between a Hefeweizen and a Blonde.


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