Friday, July 22, 2011

High Seas India Pale Ale

Thanks to Josh, and originally Lucas who brought this back from Michigan. Tasted in the morning to as I'm trying to clear out my beer fridge.

Appearance: Atop sets a 1" fluffy off white head containing admirable peaks and sticky dry lacing. Strong retention. The color is a glowing amber with interspersed microbubbles slowly rising to the surface. Transparency would be about an 8/10
Aroma: The aroma is likened to be similar to a deciduous forest, predominantly of pine and rich with an undertoned earthiness. Caramel takes a foundation, along side a bit of an astringency.
Taste: Big sweet malt backbone, reminiscent of caramel and toasted barley. Even hints of honey may be drawn out as well. Strong fruitiness of apricots and even a character of vininess comes to mind. towards the end one be puckering from a dark fruit tannin flavor as well as the remaining pine rounding out the finish. The aftertaste is very fruity and dominated by a distinguishable pear fruit taste. This only lasts a short while until dissipating, leaving only a piney-grassiness.
Mouthfeel: Thick bodied and smooth textured. The carbonation complements this beer well as it only strengthens the positive characteristics of drinkability and texture as it subtly fizzes across the tongue. The beer finishes dry with a minor element of alcohol and resin.
Overall Impression: Definitely on the thicker, fruitier, and malted side of the IPA spectrum. Extremely complex, but not the most refreshing when it comes to IPA's like Bear Racer 5. This would be more comparable to Victory's Hopdevil.


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