Thursday, July 21, 2011

Holy Moses White Ale

Picked up a single bottle from the Wine and Cheese Place in Plainfield last week. Got around to tasting it after a long day of job searching and trying to beat the awful heat!

Appearance: Bright yellow, straw color with minimal clarity. Poured with a dense, white foamy head that dissipated rather slowly to leave a thin unbroken layer. Lacing forms on the side of the glass with each sip. Pretty active carbonation can be seen.
Aroma: A bouquet of spices make up a majority of the nose. Strong presence of coriander and maybe a bit of chamomile. Additionally, can detect a vanilla undertone. Complemented by a light yeast spiciness and malt/bready backbone. Typical clove and lemon zest/citrus aromas also contribute to the overall aroma. Very appealing!
Taste: Begins with a very light malt and wheat body, contributes to a bready flavor. Spicing then becomes dominant; consisting of cloves, coriander, and orange zest. Maybe some nutmeg? Hint of sourness that hits midtaste and appears again in the aftertaste. Very herbal and floral hops round out the finish. Chamomile adds a very smooth flavor to the finish.
Mouthfeel: Active carbonation that starts off prickly, making it crisp and slowly diminishes. On a lighter side of a medium body, thanks to the carbonation. Goes down relatively smooth.
Overall Impression: Refreshing and as expected, when the beer warms, the spicing and other flavors become more pronounced. Although I enjoyed drinking it, the spicing overpowers the malt backbone and makes it unbalanced. Would have been great by the pool!

Jen: 80/100

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