Friday, August 12, 2011

Bourbon Barrel Coffee Mint Stout

I made Tim taste this withe me before I left because I love peppermint. Drank midday after an extremely productive morning cleaning the Nieu Coope Centre. Received this bomber from South Shore Brewery's Brewer Justin, while I was up in Northern Wisconsin for a camping trip.

: Relatively clear yet dark chocolate brown with a mocha colored head. Dissipates to leave patching in the middle. Also leaves a trail of wet lacing on the side of the glass that quickly melts back into the brew.
Aroma: Very aromatic. Sweet malts hit the nose before being overtaken by the smell of roasted coffee. Bold peppermint complements the bittersweet dark chocolate aromas. Presence of oak, maple, and earthy undertones round out the rest of the aroma.
Taste: Bittersweet coffee and malts make up a majority of the body. Peppermint is noticeable mid-taste along with other spicing. Some bourbon and maple flavors add sweetness and contribute to a slightly alcoholic finish. Bitter coffee tannins at the finish.
Mouthfeel: Smooth medium to heavy body with a small amount of carbonation. Slight warming effect after each sip and also leaves a mild aftertaste.
Overall Impression: Well balanced and a nice stout. Makes me wonder why I haven't seen more stouts that use peppermint; it's a nice complement to coffee and bourbon flavors.


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