Monday, August 15, 2011

Hell Lager

Thanks to the People at Surly at the Great Taste of the Midwest for giving me a can of this to review! Tasted Monday afternoon while making a new batch of Kombucha and Kefir.

Appearance: Light pale yellow but still an adequate coloring to it (i.e. not the slightest bit watery looking). Fuzzy foam head initially but rapidly dissipated into a minimal white ring. Carbonation persists in a few places in the glass. Haze is present, but I can still see my fingers on the other side of the pint glass.
Aroma: Spicy and herbal. There is a prominent yeasty complexion. Floral and a little bit grainy. Lager yeast byproducts are the largest influence
Taste: Sweet, almost bready foretaste...similar but maximized corny sweetness that most lagers have. nevertheless there is a complimentary bite at the end. Light graininess, but the hops encourage a not in the slightest bit staleness. Floral hops really come through at the finish. I would never have guessed that they were American hops, I would have said Saaz. A bit of a fruitiness arises pertaining to a subtle pear complexion. The very finish makes an interesting combination of hops and bitterness.
Mouthfeel: A carbonated is medium, yet perfectly complimentary to the beers overall texture. I enjoy how it is a bit heavier than most lagers, and surely boasting more flavor. Finishes dry with that thematic floral flavor in the aftertaste.
Overall Impression: A good lager, as it maintains a lot of the hop profile, as well as a basic yeasty grain bill. Complexion isn't the greatest, but it's still a relatively good lawnmower. Overall, it is nicely balanced. Wish I knew the ABV though!


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