Monday, August 15, 2011

Pumpkin Ale

Big thanks to John, the Brewer at Wild Onion this past weekend at the Great Taste of the Midwest for giving me a couple cans that I had yet to review. I was especially stoked for this one, partially due to the rather appealing can, but also because I love pumpkin beers!

Appearance: Upon pour, the beer exhibited a strong bubbly off white head worth a whole inch. A nice coppered amber with a persistently rising carbonation. Somewhat hazy and I'd probably give an 8/10 on clarity.
Aroma: Sweet brown sugar and cinnamon hit the nostrils immediately. Pumpkin sweetness and boastful of the normative autumn spices
Taste: Well spiced. A basic caramel malt and brown sugared sweetness makes up the majority of the malt bill. The spices hit the roof of the mouth by the midtaste complete with a big cinnamon and notes of nutmeg embrace the palate. Bittersweetness and spiced. Even some notes of rye and fruit. Nicely constructed and simple tasting enough to draw out particular flavors.
Mouthfeel: Carbonation is nicely incorporated to complement a crisp finish to a rather refreshing pumpkin ale. Medium bodied with a drying clean texture left in the mouth
Overall Impression: The spices don't overwhelm like most beers, primarily because where the usual pumpkin beer has the spice as the finishing flavor, this one leaves a slightly sweetened taste at the end. Bigger cinnamon flavor, but nothing to the extreme. Something I'd seek out again


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